South Florida Flakka is Cheap and Dangerous South Florida Flakka is cheap and dangerous and its terror on the streets of Florida shows no sign of abating. In fact, it is on the rise. Flakka is the name of a new synthetic street drug, which has taken the United States in its grip with South

3 Tips for Finding an IOP Palm Beach Program

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In the United States, substance overdose is killing people more than traffic accidents, guns or deaths from falling. From 2010 to 2011, the number of deaths by drug overdose increased by 8%. Out of all the deaths from overdose, almost 55% were due to prescription drug abuse and out of those almost 74%were due to

Technically speaking prescription drug abuse is the use of the prescription drug in any way other than what has been prescribed by a medical practitioner. The CDC has declared prescription drug abuse as an epidemic. It is gripping people of all ages, but young individuals are badly affected. The commonly abused prescription drugs are Xanax,

Oxycodone is perhaps one of the oldest and uninterrupted known abuse problems, second only to alcohol. We know it by many names; OxyContin, Percocet, Percodan and many other street names. What is Oxycodone: It is a prescription painkiller belonging to the narcotics family. It is prescribed for pain that is present or severe and where

Can a Marriage Survive Drug Rehab?

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A marriage is a sacred institution; the ultimate union of a woman and man. It needs a gift of hard work packaged in dedication, devotion, truth, trust, forgiveness and sacrifice to be successful. It is not about control or mastery over the other rather an equal sharing of everything. There are many things that test

Alcohol abuse has it’s cost, but most of us can’t imagine losing a $100 million dollar fortune. NBA superstar Vin Baker lost it all and is starting over. Here’s what Vin had to say, as the 43-year old former superstar reflected on his life. “When you learn lessons in life, no matter what level you’re

According to Beverly Hills Police Department spokesman Lt. Lincoln Hoshino, Richards, 50, appeared to have “had too much to drink and was disturbing some of the other patrons” in the hotel’s restaurant. The troubled reality star was asked to leave by hotel security but refused. Upon finally agreeing to leave, Richards entered the hotel’s bathroom

Drug abuse in the United States has always been a persistent and recurring problem that has endangered the minds and lives of many people without discrimination. The addiction, overdoses, drawbacks and withdrawals hurt both the addicted individuals and the people who care about them the most. It has been the recent spotlight in the news

From kindergarten to adulthood, be it from our parents or an overfriendly neighbor, all of us have heard that alcohol abuse is a destructive condition that must be avoided at all costs. This advice is backed up by many more health professionals and individuals who have beaten their old habits. But what exactly are the

People Magazine reports the death of 21 year old child star Skye McCole Bartusiak was ruled an accidental overdose. She died in her sleep at her home in Texas in July, 2014. Skye was a beautiful young actress that played Mel Gibson’s daughter in the 2000 Oscar nominated The Patriot. Skye was nominated for a