Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug today. Of the 14.6 million marijuana users in 2002, approximately 4.8 million used it on 20 or more days in any given month.

Much of Marijuana Substance Abuse is due to the larger availability of marijuana today than what was available in the 1960’s. Many times it is also laced with other, more potent drugs, which makes it more addictive and can form a physical addiction. Persons who smoke marijuana heavily experience much of the same symptoms of withdrawal as users of nicotine. Heavy or moderate marijuana use by adults can affect work, relationships, and other activities. In addition, marijuana also affects memory, judgment, and perception. Men and women begin to smoke and abuse marijuana for many reasons. Addiction to marijuana becomes a problem when users start relying on it to escape from problems at work, school, home life, or with friends.

Adults who abuse marijuana on a regular basis start to lose interest in their appearance and how they are doing in personal interests, at work, and at home. If you are considering Marijuana Rehab in Orlando or any other city in Florida, maybe the option of a rehab in South Florida that offers a comprehensive Treatment Programs for Marijuana Addiction is your best choice. Understanding users with this addiction, how it affects their lives, and what effects it has on their bodies is key. The program educates adults to become accountable for their actions, to learn to cope with stressors and issues in daily life, and to understand the difference between positive and negative influences.


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